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We are committed to providing medical excellence with respect, compassion, dignity, and trust. Our philosophy of care is to help our patients stay well through disease prevention and healthy living. We believe that preventive and proactive care by our team of providers, in partnership with you, is the best care.

Our practice has access to a network of exceptional providers allowing us to give our patients comprehensive and collaborative care for the best possible treatment and outcomes. We share the mission of practicing medicine that exceeds our patients’ expectations by providing the highest quality of medical care and patient satisfaction in a cost efficient manner with advanced technology and team-coordinated care, Medical Home, it's often called

ON-SITE Laboratories And Diagnostics

On-site laboratories and diagnostics are geared at providing expedited results to meet your clinical needs. This is accomplished through access to a comprehensive set of diagnostics and clinical tests that include:

  • Laboratory Tests: Blood work and chemistry testing
  • EKG – Echocardiogram
Having laboratories at our Centers reduces the need to wait days for a diagnosis. Tests can be administered in the physicians’ offices and offer quick and accurate results. Laboratory diagnostics is vital to detecting early stage illnesses and allows our healthcare professionals to prescribe treatments designed to improve a patient’s condition.


Advantis Medical Centers, our medical staff contacts patients as soon as test results are received from the laboratories. Every visit or patient procedure is followed up with a phone call in order to ensure complete satisfaction.

Lab Works


To keep you healthy throughout the year, we offer a wide range of vaccines, including the seasonal flu shot. You can also get standard and specialized travel vaccinations to protect you from possible exposure to diseases during overseas travel. We’ll recommend a vaccine plan for your needs.



We work with a wide range of pharmacies to give you the best service available. Most of our partner pharmacies offer free home delivery and up to 50 dollars of over the counter medications.



When you have a chronic condition, staying healthy is often more difficult. To help you enjoy the best possible quality of life, Advantis medical center offers a variety of health programs to understand your condition, identify and manage symptoms and work with you to take control of your health. Each health programs is designed to give patients access to care and resources specific to their condition. With guidance from a dedicated primary care multidisciplinary team, our patients learn how to better manage their condition through a combination of individual attention.


School & Sport Physicals

We all know that with September comes school, homework, science projects, Girl Scout meetings, football practice, and a whole slew of things that will require you and your children to be in the healthiest condition possible. That’s why South Advantis Medical Centers is your clinic to get all those school physicals right here in Tampa. To make sure your entire family is ready to tackle the upcoming year. Florida’s Department of Health requires that any student enrolling in a Florida school for grades K – 12 have documentation of a physical exam in the last year. With something this important on your to-do list, you don’t have time to wait for an appointment at a hospital. Our doctors offer all types of school physicals, including college entrance physicals. With a busy autumn ahead, you can rest assured that your children will be healthy enough to take on school, sports, and all their extracurricular activities. Along with a medical history review and a thorough school physical exam.

School And Sport Physicals


A key component to quality healthcare and improved wellbeing is access to care. That is why at Advantis Medical Centers we have an organized transportation system to help patients receive the regular checkups and preventive care that will help keep them healthy.


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Frederick Dexter Medical Doctor

Dexter Frederick, M.D.

Board Certified Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
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Daiana Infante, APRN

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Luis Fernandez, APRN

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Erar Rodriguez, APRN